Comprehensive solutions that advance your company’s growth goals

At EMU, we offer tailor-made financial service solutions to match your every need. You can pick and mix the financial management, payroll management, HR, legal and CFO services that best work to boost your business. We’re happy to nurture your company’s finances from the very beginning, allowing you to focus fully on growing and fostering your core business. We’re the number one partner for start-ups and growth companies that are looking for predictability in their business, support in their decision-making, greater ease in their administrative affairs and exceptional service with a personal touch. Learn more about our service offerings below, and don’t hesitate to ask for more information. We’re happy to help!

Building success stories

Whether your company is just starting up or going public, in us you have a true companion on your path to success. Your company’s well-being is everything to us. We’re here to help meet your every need, at all stages of your growth. We help you see what lies behind the numbers and ensure that your company’s finances are always shipshape. #growthpartner

“An expert partner that saves us time and is always up to speed.” Martti Kuusanmäki, COO & Founder, Duunitori