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Whether your company is just starting up or has already established its position in the market, running a business always comes with legal matters to consider. Our legal team is here to help you with your day-to-day business operations and keep you from losing your way in a jungle of regulations and agreements.

At EMU, our main concern is giving you the time and freedom to focus on your business. Legal services are thus an integral part of our growth solution: with a few hours of legal consultancy, you can significantly reduce future risks and eliminate barriers on your road to growth. If you have any questions about corporate transactions, contracts or other legal issues, EMU’s legal team is on hand to provide a quick solution to your situation. Our lawyers help you tackle legal stumbling blocks at an early stage so they won’t slow your growth, cause the taxman to come after you, or have the shareholders at each other’s throats. If you have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our experts are happy to assist in any matter, big or small. Our services cover the following:


Company law

Are you setting up a company or selling one? Is your company ready for a financing round, or perhaps you’re planning an exit? Our legal team can help you draw up shareholder agreements, set up option and incentive schemes, prepare you for due diligence procedures, or walk you through mergers, acquisitions or equity issuances.


Labour law

When it’s time to start hiring and you have employee contract conditions and obligations to fulfil, our labour law team can make things easier for you and make sure things are done right. Our team is happy to help you with employment contracts, resignations, terminations, temporary lay-offs, and compliance with co-operation law.


Tax law

Is taxation causing problems? Our tax law team can help you refund carryovers, draw up responses or clarifications for the tax authorities, request advance tax rulings and handle any other tax matters you may encounter.

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