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Success is a team effort

Your company’s most valuable asset is its people: no one succeeds alone. Our experienced HR experts are at your service to ensure that your staff are well cared for throughout their employment, with each employee's needs accounted for and met.

EMU offers a range of HR services that cover strategic HR management at all stages of employment, from recruitment to termination. Together, we can set company HR goals that support your business, and we can devise a concrete plan to reach these goals. We are at your side from the moment you start planning the hire of your very first employee, ensuring at every step of the way that your employees thrive and that their well-being is reflected in your sales.


The ACD of HR management


HR Administration

Good HR practices are integral to growing your company, whether you have two employees or two hundred. Every employer faces certain legal requirements, requirements that change as your company grows. Our experts are there to help you with operative HR management, employment consultation, statutory employment requirements, personnel systems and other HR matters.


HR Culture

The significance of company culture grows as your company expands. We can promote your company values, mission and objectives by cultivating your HR culture. Our HR culture services are just the thing if you would like help in determining or strengthening your values, building an annual HR calendar, setting and monitoring goals, engaging employees or promoting their well-being at work. We can also help you analyse your current staffing practices and create new ones if necessary. Moreover, we’ve got the tools to increase and improve your employees’ skills and know-how.


HR Development

The most engaged and productive employees are the ones that like their workplace and believe their work is important. HR development is strategic and business-driven HR planning that aims to create a committed, productive and thriving work community. We can offer you the tools for change management, developing leadership and supervisory duties, and finding and managing talent. Our services also include helping you integrate the themes of corporate responsibility and ethics into your HR.

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