Financial management

Financial management for growth companies

Successful financial management is built on a foundation of meticulous real-time bookkeeping, a profound understanding of financial figures, and an active collaboration between you and your financial management partner. Our finance team will ensure that your company’s financial foundation is built on solid ground.

At EMU, we offer a comprehensive set of services to handle your day-to-day financial management, allowing you to focus on building your business without having to worry about accounting. Our financial management services are provided as 100% digital cloud services so you can access them anytime and anywhere. We also handle all reports to the authorities and provide monthly financial reports to your management.

Our financial management services are designed to guide your company’s decision-making in the right direction and help you meet your objectives. Most importantly, our services include specific tools to assist your company’s management in navigating the company’s finances towards activity-based economic thinking. And – of course – what we deliver also meets all relevant legal requirements.


Ready to present the accounts year round

We balance the books once a year, but we give you access to your financial information all year round, providing you with real-time information about your company’s finances whenever you need it. If you prefer, we are happy to also provide interim financial data to support your decision-making. When it’s time to close the books, we will handle the auditing, help write annual general meeting minutes, prepare your tax returns and register your financial statements for you.


What EMU can offer you

  • Accounting services taken to a new level

  • Tools to manage finances

  • First-class financial data to support decision-making

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