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Ensure your company’s growth with the right advice

The most important thing in running a business and managing its finances is understanding the story that lies behind the numbers. Our experts will help you interpret key figures and produce information to help you make the right decisions.

To spur your growth, our consultancy team can provide you with reports, financial forecasts and estimates, as well as help you with financial engineering and corporate transactions. Our services meet the most demanding reporting and financial advice requirements and ensure that your company’s growth won’t grind to a halt. And should you need one, we’ll also assign you a controller or a CFO to help you tackle any challenges you may face in your company’s growth or financing. For example, we’ll generate cash flow forecasts and tackle challenging taxation matters, even international ones. Read more about our consultancy services below, and don’t hesitate to get in touch. Let’s see how we best can help your company reach its objectives.


Cash flow forecasts

Cash management is the bedrock of any profitable and growing business. With good cash management, your company will always stay on top of its day-to-day payments, obtain its receivables quickly and invest profitably. To gain an accurate picture of your company’s liquidity and make wise investments, our consultancy team will create a cash flow forecast for your company. This forecast is the main instrument in decision-making and a tool that enables lucrative growth.


Business Controller

As your CFO’s right hand, an EMU business controller mainly provides internal reporting and generates short-term financial forecasts. Our business controller services provide you with analytical financial data that you can use to make smart decisions and effectively steer your business operations in the right direction.



Do you need assistance with your company’s strategic financial management? EMU can offer you a CFO, or Chief Financial Officer, as an advisor who can support your company’s management in decision-making, improve your company’s strategic financial performance and help generate long-term forecasts.


Tax consultancy

Taxation is a highly complex field that can cause business owners serious headaches. Thanks to our tax consultants, you no longer need to agonise over your taxes alone – we know the finer points of taxation through and through. Whether you are struggling with a special taxation case or the intricacies of international value-added taxation, our tax specialists are always there, at your disposal.



Securing financing is a matter of vital importance to start-up and growth companies, but applying for funding can be incredibly tricky. With so many other companies vying for investor money, you need to cover all the bases before even considering your first financing round. The starting point for any round of financing is that your company is due diligence ready and has an up-to-date business plan. If this is not the case, we would be happy to help you get these basic premises sorted. We can also help you determine your corporate governance structure, which involves us going over your company’s leadership structure and administrative organisation.

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“In dealing with the complexities of early-stage financing, it’s essential to have a partner who can help you. One of the main areas of our collaboration with EMU has been managing all the pieces and getting them to fall together. EMU did a splendid job with this.” Paula Viinamäki, CEO, Duuers

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